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A Holistic Lifestyle Coach specialises in nutrition, wellness, stress management and lifestyle coaching.Lifestyle coaching service Leeds


I often hear people say, “But I eat healthily, I just need to reduce my calories and exercise a lot more and then I will get the results I am after.”

I like to use this old saying to illustrate that thinking this way is more often than not a major road block:

“If  you do what you have always done, you get what you have always gotten!”

It clearly brings it home that it is not about continually doing the same thing; if you put effort into a program or a lifestyle adjustment and if within a month you do not see any changes, the chance is that the approach chosen was not the right one for you.

Lifestyle changes should be sustainable, they should leave you enough time to follow your commitments as well as having some fun.

If you run to stay thin, you may have noticed that you have to run further and more often to stay the same shape as your body becomes more efficient at using energy with every training session. Running can be highly addictive as well as affecting your daily routines, leaving you less time to relax and spend time with your family and friends or just to have some time to yourself to enjoy a hobby.

Holistic Lifestyle coaching is all about balance and workability. I follow all the principles I coach, which has changed my life. I am happy, healthy and have learned to keep a work/ life balance that promotes a healthy mind and body. “Life is too long to have a dreadful time.”

Why delay getting well when small adaptations can bring about great results?

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Reasons for lack of vitality and pain

Did you know that pain is often a result of reflexes radiating from other bodily systems being out of balance such the digestive system? Digestive disfunction that causes painful conditions can originate from poor lifestyle and dietary choices, food allergies, disrupted sleeping patterns, unspecific / un-targeted exercise programmes i.e. over-exercising or mental/ emotional stress and trauma.

Have you thought about the fact that most pain symptoms are signals of your body telling you that something in your body’s system is not functioning optimally or is over stressed by lifestyle habits? Pain is a late stage message from your body, which is trying to tell you that you are not looking after its needs. Taking pills to numb pain often worsens the problem as most medication has side effects, as well as compromising your gut health which can cause further health problems. A fully functional gut is imperative to full health and healing autoimmune conditions.

Many of us have “common” health complaints which we see as normal when they stay around for longer than a few days. Digestive issues, skin problems or fatigue, depression, pain conditions or frequent hunger are symptoms that are common but not NORMAL.


Do you display symptoms of any one of these  KEY health concerns?


Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching can address your individual common complaints and make your life a whole lot more comfortable.


Never be hungry again

Have you noticed that restrictive diets and standard nutritional recommendations do not work? No matter how hard you try it seems like your effort it is not enough?

Is your yo-yo dieting and food restriction robbing you of a living a fulfilling life because you can’t seem to think about anything other than how or when to have your next meal?

If that is you, then ‘a way of eating in harmony with your bodies needs, rather than sticking to an ‘unsustainable diet‘ is the way forward for you.


Identify road blocks = get results

Mpower-fitness holistic personal training in Leeds will help you to identify road blocks in your dietary and lifestyle habits that keep you from living a healthy and vital life.

Food is the fuel your body runs on, it delivers the nutrients needed to make all your bodily systems function optimally creating equilibrium.

You will learn to read your body’s signals and how to respond to them to avoid further signals such as pain later down the line. The program is about harmonising your minds & body’s wants and needs.

Mpower-fitness Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching will empower you to make powerful choices every day enabling you to achieve total health and wellbeing.

C.H.E.K. holistic nutrition & lifestyle coaching is based on extensive scientific research. The system coaches how re-adopting natural human habits of living are health promoting, and can delay the onset of illness in old age and increase the years of good health.

The program is all about taking charge of your health and your life while increasing your energy, normalising your body weight, reducing your health risks, and maximising your overall wellbeing and zest for life.


You will never look back; your journey to living a full and vital starts here. =>

Improvements you could experience:

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Lower fasting glucose
  • Normalised body weight and lost inches
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased pain
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer PMS symptoms
  • Relief from depression
  • Balanced hormones
  • Significant reduction to total elimination of cravings
  • Better digestion
  • (with your Doctors consent) Less prescription medications.



How to start the journey to health?

There are several steps you can take to improve your health and wellbeing.

The six main areas are: 

The key to succeeding in reaching your goals; may they be getting in shape, becoming pain free, career related or mental emotional in nature; is to assess your physiological load.


“Most programs fail by focussing on only one aspect of health.”

By Paul Chek


Physiological loads are stressors ranging from physical, mental, emotional to spiritual whether you are aware of them at this point or not they do affect your overall health.

In my coaching I specialise in helping you identify you own unique needs. The coaching is about guiding you to learn how to listen to your body’s signals and to learn ways to balance your body’s systems to resolve, for example chronic pain conditions.

I refer to other healing practices when necessary and always encourage clients to find high-quality whole foods and build the foundation of true sustainable health.


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Getting Well

To be able to help you start your journey to better health and fitness, a thorough assessment will pinpoint all contributing factors that are the drivers of your pain or illness. I then teach you step by step how to correctly manage the key stressors that are your personal road blocks which are stopping you from achieving your goals. With my coaching approach you can easily build health and vitality for yourself.


1st step to vitality, C.H.E.K. trained professionals’ say: “If you are not assessing, you are guessing”.

An in depth assessment is the starting point for you personal plan to health and vitality that is created to suit your specific goals and life circumstances.

We will look at the 6 foundational principles to health: Practical Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Thoughts, Breathing & Movement

The journey

I understand making changes to your lifestyle can be challenging; that is why I take into account your family and work commitments, along with time and financial constraints to ensure you receive a plan that really works for your individual lifestyle.

I take all the time you need to coach you through the journey of changes that support healing one change at a time – I will show you tried methods that make it easy for you to implement new lifestyle choices and integrate a balanced exercise routine that works for you.

My goal is getting you the results that you are after.


What should you do next?


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