Stepping stones to health and vitality – package descriptions.


Chose a package that suits your needs…

If you want to start your journey to health and vitality choose one of the specially designed packages that will help you take the individual steps you need to take to learn new sustainable exercise and lifestyle habits in order to live a healthy, fulfilled life full of energy.

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Lifestyle_coaching_total_bliss_transformation The 8 week Nutrition & Lifestyle Total Bliss Transformation package gives you enough time to really get to the root of the road blocks that currently stop you from reaching your goals.

You will get all the support you need to employ new habits and learn how to use different principles relating to health.

You will also be able to make those important lasting adjustments in your life at a pace that ensures that you don’t have to do it twice.

  • develop real confidence
  • reach your healthy body weight effortlessly
  • get boundless energy
  • leave stress behind through easy stress management techniques
  • learn to love the awesome person you are
  • manage chronic health conditions naturally
  • learn how to perform your individually assigned Zone exercises that pump the body and soothe the mind
  • get hard evidence of how far you have come

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Intensive_Balance_Nutrition_Lifestyle_Coaching_package Use the Intensive Balance Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching package to bring about profound change.

This program will teach you how to feel real confidence, giving you the power to make important decisions with more ease, take big steps towards a healthy body weight and boundless energy.

You will learn how to significantly decrease stress with the help of zone exercises that pump the body and soothe the mind, increasing your wellbeing without tying yourself in knots.

Ultimately this program will enable you to adapt with full support to then live the balanced life you may have never thought possible!

Check the package table for all the perks you get.

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Back_to_Basic_package_Nutrition_Lifestyle_Coaching Back to Basics is a package that is specifically designed for those clients who want a taste of what Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching or Holistic Personal Training can really offer them.

With this package, I can easily get you started on a journey to amazing results.

Feel energised, learn how to fuel your body to get the best out of it, learn what level of movement will be beneficial to your body and how to use Zone exercise to promote mobility, flexibility and overall wellbeing.

Check the package table for all the perks you get.




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