How the qualification can benefit you:

Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) teacher training


Discover yoga through lively and exhilarating songs, games, activities and fun stories, acted out with yoga poses. 

In the Little Yogis sessions children learn about yoga in a way that has been specially developed for them and explore yoga poses/ asanas which help develop balance, strength and coordination.  

Every session is designed to stimulate their creativity, enhance concentration and build confidence by working in a group or in pairs.

In longer classes the children also get involved in yoga-related arts and crafts.

We always visit the The Secret Garden, an age appropriate meditation to help young minds relax and feel calm and gives them a tool to use at home as well.

Children LOVE the variety of the sessions, it never gets boring!

Joining one of my classes


Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork (QCF) 

This qualification is REPS recognised and enables me to teach mat based Pilates with small equipment one-to-one as well as in a group setting.

Mat based Pilates classes are great for anyone wanting to build core control and strength. Regular classes will help improve your posture and balance whilst supporting you to gain a greater awareness of your body and mind through slow and controlled movements, helping you to increase overall wellbeing.
The starting point for anyone new to Pilates is an introduction to Alignment, Breathing, Core Stability, the ABCs of Pilates.

As a  beginner you’ll want  to master these foundational principles through a range of exercises which will help you progress confidently through the more advanced levels of Pilates.

Joining one of my classes


Yoga Professionals

(in association YMCA Fitness Industry Training )

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (QCF) 

500hr teacher training

The course is REPS accredited.

Joining one of my classes you will experience a Hatha based yoga class that incorporates asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing).

The idea behind me becoming a yoga teacher was to be able to make yoga available to everybody, whether you are feeling inflexible, stiff or believe yoga is only for thin people.

I would love to show you that yoga is easy and that there are many levels and ways of practicing yoga on and off the mat.

Yoga is about connecting your mind, body and spirit – to become present and learn how to feel at peace.


Primal Academy
Primal Flow Instructor
Primal flow is a great bodyweight training system, that uses natural movement patterns such as pulling, pushing, squatting and crawling and puts them into a workout structure which is highly functional, with great carry over to sports and activities.

You’ll find similarities to vinyasa flow yoga where Primal Flow incorporates moves such as up and down facing dog, cobra and crescent moon lunge.

Sequences are designed with certain goals in mind such increased general fitness, weight loss, toning, strength, agility, power, endurance, balance, flexibility and much more.

It is also a great method to switch off from daily stress, once you are in your flow you are moving with your body and breath being totally present in the moment taking time to explore the movement potential of your body.

PCI Europe Parasite testing Europe, affiliate practitioner You are now able to order the most consistent and accurate parasite tests in the world from the Parasitology Centre Inc., Arizona, run by Dr Omar Amin through Marie at Mpower-fitness.

This is very exciting news and will have a massive impact on my ability to help you detect and eliminate parasites correctly making a more comprehensive approach to health coaching available to you.

You will benefit from the full training I have received on how to apply and interpret these tests, and then utilise Dr Amin’s approach to eradicating overgrowth of fungus, parasites and bacteria successfully so you can get on with your life.
The comprehensive technical training regarding the correct and appropriate use of supplements and health products I have received is of great benefit to you; with my help you can now discover how to safely use the highest quality food based supplements/products on the market that are ethical and provide the most effective outcomes.

Benefit from my knowledge on Biochemistry, deficiency and toxicity signs, dosages and contraindications to ensure safe application.
Being an affiliate practitioner of PCI Europe (parasite testing europe) I am qualified to work with in the run up to the parasite test as well as once your results come back.

Further I have access to products only for practitioners on the “Holistics Online website” which I use as necessary to enhance my holistic protocol to total health and wellbeing.

C.H.E.K. Exercise CoachChek Exercise Coach qualification You will benefit from a thorough understanding of posture and how imbalances of muscular length tension relationship can affect your body.
After going through a full stretch assessment which determines your personal corrective stretches, you only stretch the muscles that are tight in your body and mobilise any joints that lack range of movement.Learn about the relationship between stress and exercise and how to balance catabolic and anabolic influences on your body through a mix of functional and energising exercises to get the results you are after.
Who wouldn’t want to generate more energy? An 8 step core function testing system determines which exercises will get your core fully functioning and keep your back safe.Your program can contain exercises that address your individual orthopaedic needs which can resolve longstanding pain conditions with little effort.If the assessments highlight any red flag conditions you will have the peace of mind that I can refer you to the right professional who can address your condition.You will learn from my knowledge of how specific breathing can make you much more powerful when performing your exercises. All the different areas above influence the design of your exercise program to promote excellent functionality in day to day or your sport. Together with easy lifestyle improvements you are just a stone throw away from full strength and vitality.

C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, HLC1HLC_logo_2013 You will be coached in personalising your nutrition to promote body weight regulation and wellbeing, improve stress levels and sleep quality.

You can address particular physical symptoms that you may be experiencing with small lifestyle adaptations and achieve great results. 




C.H.E.K. Program Design Program design is an art form. You will be given an assessment of your current body functionality and posture which then forms your tailored program that will get you the improvements that you are looking for.

You may want to improve your balance or flexibility, improve body shape, flatten your ABS or address a longstanding pain condition that just does not want to improve with rest.

You say you don’t have a lot of time?

That is where clever program design will come into play, ensuring is is specific and do-able.


C.H.E.K. Scientific Back Training This benefits you in the form of specific exercises that address your personal back issue at the level where you will get the greatest improvements with the least effort and without causing any pain at all – after all, pain is a bad teacher.

Back pain is often a result of a disturbance in one of the body’s survival systems (too many to list here).
As you can imagine, breathing is the number one, if breathing is impaired through postural misalignment you may not get sufficient oxygen to support all your bodies systems to function optimally.

Other reasons for chronic back pain can come from food allergies or gut inflammation as well as emotional problems.

Back pain is often more deeply rooted than the area where the pain or muscular spasm, which is usually a protective response by the body, presents itself.

As you can see there is more to spinal health than the location of the pain.

You will be amazed when you learn the origin of your pain condition. A whole body approach will give you lasting pain relief.


C.H.E.K. Scientific Core Conditioning The scientific way of core conditioning will turn your approach to abdominal work up-side-down.

After having your core function tested, you will build functional core strength that will keep your back and limbs healthy when you do the sports you love as well as when you go about your life.

Crunches are bad for you!
Did you know that if you have an over-active shortened rectus abdominis from doing crunches on the floor, your ribcage will be pulled downward at the front leading to your breathing being restricted which then overloads the accessory breathing muscles in your the neck and upper back, causing you chronic neck pain which then can also lead to lower back pain?

That is just one example of how poor choice of abdominal exercises can cause widespread problems in your body.


C.H.E.K. Infant Development/Gait Infant Development assessment can help pinpoint any gaps in motor-sensory development and the correlating stages of brain and behaviour development which are intimately linked with rehabilitation of dysfunction and pain conditions.

By going through the movement patterns of the infant phase, you can re-establish optimal mind & body relationships for wellbeing in adult life. It is actually fun to do the movements and you will be intrigued to watch babies doing their movements, understanding how hard they work to get to the next stage of movement pattern on the road to standing/ walking.

Observing how you walk can tell me a lot about potential weakness in the body, injuries just waiting to happen and core dysfunction that may be stopping you from becoming pain-free as well as staying injury free and performing your best in any activities you may want to participate in.


C.H.E.K. Weight Lifting “How to optimize performance and prevent injury” You will benefit from being taught how optimal alignment during weightlifting coupled with supportive breathing and activation of the stabiliser system needed in each exercise can aid performance and protect from injury.

Learn how to feel good alignment of yourself.

Ingraining a new movement into your body to the point where it is automated with good posture, muscle recruitment and can be performed with efficiency is called Groove.

It is essential to find the Groove without practicing with incorrect form, as one badly executed movement programs the nervous system, and the body remembers movement with pain more easily than good, pain-free movement.

That is why it is imperative to learn each new movement pattern correctly and stop before you lose form. It takes over 3000 repetitions to unlearn a bad movement pattern!


Holistic approach to the fully functional gut. Studied with Emma Lane-Thompson who is a high level CHEK practitioner and ND – Naturopath. Digestive dysfunction anywhere in the chain can cause pain conditions. This may originate from poor lifestyle and dietary choices, disrupted sleeping patterns, unspecific / un-targeted exercise programmes i.e. over-exercising or mental/ emotional stress and trauma.

Did you know that most people that take stomach acid suppressants actually do not have enough stomach acid causing the food to sit in the stomach too long, developing gas through fermentation that presses against the oesophageal sphincter opening it without food coming down causing stomach content to reflux?

Certain foods can also cause the oesophageal sphincter to open.

It is important to determine what level of stomach acid you actually have before treating it with acid blockers. I perform a simple, non invasive capsule test with you to find out your levels of HCL.

Another interesting fact is that without sufficient stomach acid you are unable to absorb Zinc, which is important in tissue healing and the production of hydrochloric acid (digestive juice), do you have enough zinc?

We can do a simple test to find out.

It is a chicken and egg situation, but you can follow a simple protocol to bring up Zinc levels and kick-start your own HCL production again.

Fascinating isn’t it?


Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Instructor Level 1 I call this meditation in motion, it is a great way to balance out strenuous exercise and stressful work life without having to sit still and think of nothing.

The shibashi form of tai chi takes the best moves and combines them into a healing sequence that promotes total wellness and optimal breathing through regular practice.

Find out more here.


Aqua fitness,
Level 2 (Aerobics +Circuit)
Buoyancy has great benefits:neck-deep water supports 90 percent of your body weight lessening the stress on knee and hip joints significantly.

The support of the water encourages people with chronic pain to move more freely, exercising all joints through their full range of motion.

The constant and even resistance is much safer on the joints and ligaments, allowing to train for muscular strength and endurance where it may not be comfortable on dry land.

Did you know you are more flexible in the water?

Never tried aquatic exercise? Think it is easy? It is not; the use of water dumbbells and other water resistance equipment can work you from head to toe.

Why not take your workout to the water and surprise your body?


Keiser M3 foundations (indoor cycling) Yes, I teach this very sweaty class! I make it fun by using a large variety of music to work to. You will be warming up to Yellow-The Race, climbing to Bend It-Beaky, Dave Dee… and having fun with sprint intervals powered by Ti Sento-Scooter.
No shouting
involved… you’ll get set up so you can have a comfy spin session (Is that possible? Well, as comfortable as you can possibly be on a spin-bike.).Yes your body alignment makes a huge difference to how comfortable you will be in your back, neck and your bottom.

Les Mills Body Pump Pump is a good class to enjoy strength endurance and toning effects through weightlifting in a group setting.

If you are new to weightlifting, I suggest strongly getting some coaching on the movement patterns involved in Body Pump prior to attending your first session to prevent you engraining a poor movement pattern, possibly causing you an injury or joint pain in the long run.

If you are looking to put on muscle mass, this is not the class for you; the light weights and number of repetitions per exercise promote strength endurance – not muscle growth.


TIDE Level 3 (Training in different environments) If you love spending time outdoors, let’s train in the park or your garden.

I can show you how to make use of what you can find in your immediate environment for example a park bench or bike stands – let’s develop and eye for movement opportunity.


Les Mills Body Combat I like this program for its stress relief and confidence boosting, toning and endurance effect.

Combat is based on a variety of martial arts such as boxing, karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.

It takes a couple of sessions to get used to the unusual rhythm of the movement, but then it becomes really fun.

This program always has uplifting music to keep you going.


Exercise to Music Level 2 The entry qualification that prepares all group fitness teachers to work with the music rather than alongside it.

This is the basis of any aerobic class and LBT session where the music directs the tempo of your movement.