Classes Terms

Membership paid monthly – £24/person

Membership fee is collected on the same day of sign up each month via Paypal subscription.

The fee stated above is the rate for all current participants and those that are joining us this month. After the initial sign up the fee will go up for new or re-joins.

Benefits of your membership are:

  • Attend as many of the classes I offer privately (I hope to be able to add a Saturday 10am class very soon)
  • Get 10% discount of any future one off weekend events we will put on
  • Get 10% discount on any of my other services i.e. personal training/ rehabilitation or nutrition & lifestyle coaching
  • Bring a friend for free when ever you like, providing it is not the same friend every time. (new participants are only getting one free taster)
  • Get a free DVD of the Shibashi sequence as we practice it to practice with in your own time.


Memberships means a few things; but probably most importantly for all you regular participants, it means consistency and ultimately a reduced overall fee for attending your favourite sessions.

As a Member it will also guarantee you a space in your preferred class.

Mpower-fitness month to month reoccurring membership.

You are simply billed £24 on a monthly basis for however long you choose to be a member.

To discontinue your membership you must inform me in writing (email is fine) at least seven days before your next billing date.

Your membership is non transferable.

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Cancelling your membership

To discontinue your membership you must inform me in writing (email is fine) at least seven days before your next billing date.


Free Trials?

I offer trial promotions and new members, for info on current offers email


Medical Conditions

If you happen to pick up an injury and feel that you will not be able to participate (even seated) for a prolonged period of time, please contact me immediately and I will suspend your membership from the next month onwards. I will require proof of your medical condition (such as a doctor’s certificate).

Once fit again, I will allow you to resume at the membership at the rate you have paid for before you had to pause.


Mpower-fitness’s right to cancel your membership

We will cancel your membership immediately if you:

  • Break these terms and conditions
  • Put the health, safety or well-being of other members or our employees at risk
  • Attend more classes than you are paying for
  • Engage in disruptive or abusive behaviour



Mpower-fitness do not offer refunds unless there has been a mistake on my part. As you, the customer, are in complete control of your membership, if you make a payment then I will assume that you are planning to attend the sessions for the duration of that month.

I can take no responsibility if you subsequently decide not to attend.


Missing membership fee payments

If your membership fees is not received in full before the first class of that month you will not be eligible to start or continue your participation until payment is received.


Fee changes

I will have to review the membership fees from time to time. I will give you at least one calendar month’s written (email) notice of any such changes.


Class time changes

I reserve the right to discontinue or change class times or locations at any time should there be the need for such action.

I may on occasion need to make additional temporary changes over and above long term and seasonal changes to our session timetable. If possible I will notify you of my intention to do this in a timely fashion.


There will be no classes between 16th December until 8th of January.

First class back on in the new year will be Friday 9th January 2015.


Pay as you go options

If you would prefer to stay on a pay as you go you will pay:

  • £8.50/single session
  • 4 classes valid 30 days £30 (£7.50/ session)

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Any questions?

Please simply get in touch with me using the contact details below and I will get straight back to you.

Please get in touch:

Phone: 01977730055
Mobile: 07951802247

Opening Hours: (by appointment only)
Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday: on request
Sunday: Closed


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