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Get assessed to identify what is stopping you from reaching the next level

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Train for life, get a program that will make you super human when you are not in the gym

Eat for wellness, no dieting, no cravings, no deprivation

Fit training around your life, not the other way round

Minimal training – maximum results

Build a sustainable health promoting lifestyle, learn how easy it is to be fit and well; you only have to transform yourself once unlike with

other weight loss programs where you keep having to start over again and again because they are not sustainable.


Countless individuals like you around the world have trusted the pioneering CHEK principles after resolving longstanding health and pain conditions with their CHEK trained Personal Trainer.

So, what exactly do I offer at Mpower-fitness?

I coach you how to BUILD your health and wellbeing in a sustainable and easy way, step by step.

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