Eat Yourself Well workshop.

No deprivation, No starvation, No additives, No calorie counting

Eat the foods humans are designed to eat and lose weight, the proof’s in how you will feel, look and perform. It’s Easy!
Starts: TBC please ask
Duration: 6weeks, 1.5hours each
When: Tuesdays 18:00-19:30
Investment: £120
Location: Physis health centre, 427a Otley Road, Adel, Leeds LS16 6AJ

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Eventbrite - Eat Yourself Well 6 week workshop - personalise your nutrition effectively

The Eat yourself well, Practical Nutrition workshop can help address underlying causes of your bodies symptoms and give you the tools to take charge of your own health and vitality.

What you put into your body has a huge impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Because lifestyle changes are never easy we will go through the transition as a group, supporting each other.

The aim of Eat Yourself Well is to give you the knowledge, support and resources to achieve your health goals in a practical way and at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Even small changes can make a huge impact on how you look, feel and perform!

The Workshop aims to give strategies, guidance and group support for embarking on the challenge of your personalised 30day no Diet – Diet lifestyle challenge.

During the 6 weeks we will meet weekly to discuss personal challenges, experiences  and monitor our progress.

The weekly catch up will be followed by a more structured teaching section about the nutritional theory and health issues.

We will interject the theory blocks with practical movement based activities, the workshop addresses Mind & Body.

It would be great if each participant would share one favourite recipe (1x A4 sheet with image and instructions) they have tried or created in the previous week to inspire the group.

We’ll take before and after images to celebrate completion of the challenge and to highlight your success.

It is easily forgotten how we felt and looked at the start of a transformation.


  • Week 1  – find out your metabolic type and physiological load, plan your personal 30day No diet Diet, preparation week.
  • Week 2 – “Start the challenge”, discuss challenges, learn about foundational principles to health
  • Week 3 – discuss experience, eating out, success stories, challenges, further foundational principles and practical applications
  • Week 4 – catch up & Q&A, digestive health, zone exercises, further foundational principles
  • Week 5 – catch up & Q&A, easy tai chi
  • Week 6 – Closes out & Re-assessment, how did it go? will you continue? What can you do next?


If a group workshop setting is not for you, check out the individual coaching packages I have created or take a consultation?

The total investment for the workshop, any course materials and anything else connected with the course is £120 and due at time of booking.

The course if aimed at the general public, attendance does not result in any recognised qualification. It is a self development course.
You can pay via Paypal using your debit or credit card.

You will be required to fill in and return an Intake form as well as a comprehensive Questionnaire which will help determine your Metabolic type and your Physiological load.

This needs to be returned as soon as possible, latest 2weeks prior to the workshop.

Eventbrite - Eat Yourself Well 6 week workshop - personalise your nutrition effectively


Terms and Conditions

Places are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Full refund available if for any reason we cancel the course.