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Marie Mann owner of Mpower-fitnessHi, I’m Marie your holistic personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach in Leeds, West Yorkshire or online.

Let me empower you to reach your health goals!

My coaching is all about getting you back to a healthy and happy life where you are free of pain and dis-ease.

I’d really like to hear from you. Drop me a line or take a Quick Consultation now to start discussing your individual needs.


…pain symptoms are your body’s signals telling you that something in your system is not functioning optimally!stevia-health-benefits-list-72dpi

Mpower-fitness pioneering C.H.E.K. approach will help you:


Here at Mpower-fitness, I don’t just treat your symptoms; together we will look for the root cause of your health problems.

Success is based on identifying the driving factor or factors behind the symptoms that you’re experiencing, allowing us to choose the right path to get you back to a healthy and happy life free of pain or dis-ease!

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