Holistic Personal Training – how does it work?


You have probably experienced that the average GP visit is 6 minutes and the average physical therapy visit is about 30 minutes.

At Mpower-fitness holistic personal training in Leeds, I take the time to conduct a complete, detailed physical assessment that is the driving force behind your successful program.


Your full evaluation includes:

  • Posture – plumb line assessments
  • Posture measurements (with specialist equipment for total accuracy)
  • Flexibility check
  • Strength test
  • 7 part Core function test
  • Balance evaluation
  • Movement screening

You will complete a comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionnaire looking at health history, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

This information, along with the physical assessment, helps me to determine the stress load on your system which then dictates the exercise program best suited for your needs.

You will receive full attention on every detail of your body transformation; from assessment to program design and especially during the one-on-one training sessions.  People often get injured due to lack of instruction during exercising in gyms, boot camps, cross fit classes. I believe that fitness professionals should be highly educated and at Mpower-fitness, education and experience is my top priority.


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1-2-1 training is more effective…

…because it’s a tailor- made exercise program designed specifically for you, following detailed assessments outlined above. The 1-2-1 training format allows you to progress at your own speed and develop your strengths and weaknesses much more efficiently through focus.

1-2-1 training is the most effective way for you to get fit, lose weight or become pain free because I will coach you through your weekly exercise program. You will learn how to execute the exercises effectively, what exercise is right for you and what exercise could be stopping you from reaching your goals or causing damage to your body.

The majority of people who come to me for Holistic Personal Training have been members of gyms in the past with little or no improvement in their health or body shape because common PT training does not address all of the factors that influence your health and fitness.

I only train clients on a 1-2-1 basis, giving you my full attention. Unlike a large gym, my success as a business is determined by the success that you achieve with my coaching!


Why you need a C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach instead of a personal trainer


I offer you much more that your standard PT. A key part of being an Exercise Coach is the integration of mind-body fitness with traditional exercise prescription.

I have an in-depth understanding of how different types of exercise, ranging from Tai Chi to cardiovascular conditioning to weight training, affect both parts of the autonomic nervous system – an often-neglected factor that is vital to achieving success.

I often work closely with professionals such as massage therapists, chiropractors or osteopaths to achieve the desired outcome for you.

I use a unique system of assessing physiological load, developed by Paul Chek, which allows me to determine the amount of physical and emotional stress that your body currently experiences. This system allows me to implement your personal, results-producing program that will enhance your physical function and overall well being.

Our speciality:

  • Assessing physiological load and writing custom exercise programs to address low, moderate and high overall loads.
  • Determining functional and postural deficits from imbalances in the core and back musculature.
  • Designing personalised exercise programs that balance the autonomic nervous system.
  • Understanding how optimising posture not only improves movement function, but increases overall wellness.
  • Implementing functional training, corrective exercise, orthopaedic balancing, advanced program periodisation and safe prescription of exercises that enhance function and mobility.



C.H.E.K. Exercise Coaches stress excellent exercise technique and know that to produce the desired result, exercises must be performeccorrectly.

An exceptional understanding of how energy-balancing exercises reduce total stress on the body and when to use these types of exercises with clients is what makes this system different.

We are practical, efficient, highly committed to further education and not afraid to think outside the box to get you the results you are after.

Most C.H.E.K. Exercise Coaches are recognised by their peers and other healthcare professionals as one of the very best at what they do.


If you have tried all of the other ways to get fit without great success then  you need to try this system, you may be surprised how easy it is and how well it works. 

What should you do next?

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