Before deciding whether you want to work with me, let me tell you a little about myself and what inspired me to set up Mpower-fitness holistic personal training in Leeds.Marie Mann owner of Mpower-fitness

Standard fitness guidelines don’t work?

Mpower-fitness has evolved from a personal need to address my own health and body image issues that I found were not resolved by the standard fitness training and common diet recommendations. Have you had a similar experience?

Chronic pain causes stress and depression

For over 10 years, I struggled with severe pain in my lower back and SI joints caused by inflammation, which has finally officially been diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) – a form of Arthritis that causes the spine and other joints to fuse through an inflammatory process. I was stressed, unhappy, experienced night sweats and insomnia from stress and pain; as well as AS-related morning stiffness in the spine, irregular bowel movements, weight issues and depression.

You may be familiar with some or all of the symptoms (even if you don’t have a similar condition); and will know that they seriously affect the quality of your life. But, I can prove to you that they don’t have to, there are ways of applying little changes that can have a huge influence on how you feel day to day.

Over-exercising without results

Like most people, I over-exercised by running too many miles and instructing unhealthy numbers of exercise classes each week, none of which resolved my body image/ weight issues and largely contributed to my mental and physical ill health. Yes I know, it is commonly prescribed to exercise more and to eat a lot less, but does it work? Does it make you feel good, is it sustainable long term, will it change your body shape permanently? Well – no, generally it does not.

At the beginning of that type of approach you may make some progress, but over time it turns into regression when the body has had enough of the stress posed on it by lengthy periods of high heart rate levels, starvation and blood sugar ups and downs.

Although I trained harder and harder the weight crept back on which did not make sense to me at the time, it now does.

The new way of addressing health and fitness looks at the whole body

I started researching alternative ways to achieve my dream body, which lead me towards a totally new concept in approaching health and fitness as taught by Paul Chek. I learned that AS sufferers can gain great relief by following an Autoimmune diet and making some lifestyle changes, and I am now very much free of the above symptoms!

You can resolve your health niggles and gain functional fitness to allow you to participate in day-to-day life with ease by adapting some lifestyle habits and doing some smart targeted exercises that are totally specific to you.

You may have noticed that your gym buddies seem to have the same exercises on their program as you have; with my service, your program will be specific to your needs and goals addressing postural problems that when resolved will make you look a million dollars.

We just need to try harder to succeed…

Running_over_exercising_burnout My fitness instructing journey began when I was let down by unreliable instructors not turning up to teach the class I “believed” I desperately needed in order to stay slim. So I went on to gain qualifications in a large variety of group fitness styles because I felt that would be the best way to help as many people as possible.

I realised later that people just like you have such individual needs that a group setting is often not suitable to getting the results you are after.

It makes me sad to see people like you slaving away in group-fitness for years, always feeling that you just need to try harder and then you will get the results you are longing for. Stop right there!

That’s a terrible misconception; most of you are probably doing far too much or doing the wrong thing, causing your bodies extreme stress that prevents the change you are so desperately seeking. Less is more. When it comes to fitness, I love the below quote from Albert Einstein:


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


In my personal journey, when I was finally ready to accept that what I was doing did not work, I started employing the principles I now teach step by step. Through listening to my body and working on my unhelpful thought patterns, I have grown into a strong, healthy and happy person with a sunny disposition. You can achieve that too, there is no trick to it, it just takes time to make the transition.

Why you should choose me to help you.

Back_to_Basic_package_Nutrition_Lifestyle_Coaching My experience lead me to specialise in helping clients with pain, autoimmune or arthritic conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, to become pain-free. Having gone through the journey from bad to good times myself, I feel that I have a better understanding of how you feel and what you may experience where other trainers can only draw on knowledge from books and guesswork.

My experience of extremely debilitating AS symptoms and pain allows me work with you on similar conditions with much more understanding. I can relate to you being unable to do certain moves because they cause you pain and your need to be shown adaptations or alternatives for movements.




My Coaching goal is simple: “To achieve the best results for you as FAST as possible.” To do this, I combine Exercise Kinesiology techniques with technical body assessments and Foundational Lifestyle Advice, allowing me to offer a truly holistic approach to personal FITNESS TRAINING – whatever your LEVEL of experience, body shape, schedule or goals.


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